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Installing Exchange 2010 SP3 & Rollup 7    
Wed, 19 Nov 2014 11:17

This is a simple description of how to update Exchange 2010 with service pack 3 & Rollup 7

Exchange 2010 SP3

In our particular example we have SpamFighter installed on the server so that has to be stopped first, if you don't you can ignore all references to sfservice. We also highly recommend that a backup fo the server is taken first before the update is run.

Download the update from Windows onto the server and run the program that extracts it into a folder. The update is currently available from:

Start the task manager go to the processes tab and look for sfservice, there should be three entries, these all need to be stopped (SpamFighter)

The DataCollectorSvc service also needs to be stopped 

Now navigate to the folder where you extracted the files select the setup.exe and run it.

Follow the install wizard and install the update, on our server this took about 1hr 30mins.

Once the install is complete reboot the server

Rollup 7

To install rollup 7 download the update onto the server first, its currently available from:

Stop sfservice x3 from processes in task manager (SpamFighter)

Run as admin a cmd prompt and then navigate to your file and run the file from within this DOS window. This needs to be run from an administrator level in order to install successfully and a raised level cmd promt is an easy way to do it.

Takes 30mins approx

Reboot the server

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