Benefits of outsourcing your IT department

There will be a point in any manager’s business life where one must look for the most effective way to get the job done and keep the company moving forward. Let’s face it, if your business uses computers and software, it needs tech support. Computers break down, they lose connectivity, and they can become infected with viruses despite our best efforts.  Networks go down for (apparently) no reason, users forget login passwords. And then there is the learning curve that happens whenever you install or upgrade software. When computer problems hit, you need someone on hand to fix them before they completely disrupt your business. Unfortunately, not everyone can have a dedicated, on-site helpdesk, which is why outsourced IT support is so important. Here are several reasons why an outsourced IT support might be the best option for you and your business. 

1. One-stop assistance 

When you buy or lease computers, you have the option of purchasing a service contract; but that contract only covers issues with the computer, and not necessarily the software or your network. Similarly, software vendors offer support for their products, but don not usually support the computers on which their products are installed. This means that you might have to call multiple support desks to get the help you need, and that can significantly slow things down. Outsourced IT departments are designed to handle multiple issues, from hardware glitches to software bugs, even for proprietary software.

2. Multitalented

Our Consultancy has a pool of different employees with various skill sets. To set up your own IT department would need someone who is proficient in hardware, software, desktops, servers and routers, and you would  end up spending a fortune. There may simply be too much technology in place to actually keep a full time IT staff proficient in all areas, but who are each under utilised.

3.  Lower cost 

IT departments require a lot of equipment to run smoothly; this includes computers, software, tools, office equipment, and office space. If your company is running on a tight budget, an in-house IT department could be an expensive proposition. Outsourced IT departments generally provide their own equipment and tools, and it is included in the cost of the service. As the outsourced IT company has multiple clients, the cost is spread over all clients and is minimal as compared to what you would pay in-house, just to support your company alone. 

4. Consistent service

An outsourced IT consultancy will have years of experience screening their engineers to ensure that they have the appropriate technical skills and experience to provide consistent service. When you hire your own IT people, you will either need to get someone who has the knowledge to properly interview and select people, or you will have to spend time recruiting  them yourself. Even if you consider yourself pretty technically savvy, you might not have the information you need to pick the right candidates, and that can negatively affect your quality of support. Having built your team, there is then the consideration of coping when a key member leaves for another job.

5. Looking to the future

With the need to embrace new technology as a business expands in a market that is constantly advancing, more companies are looking toward inexpensive and efficient ways to handle their IT support needs, and outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular solution.


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